Ivan Katic announces retirement

Ivan Katic retired on December 31, 2014. He cofounded Enterprise Welding & Fabricating, Inc. in 1975. Under his leadership, Enterprise grew into a world-class metal fabricator serving major, international manufacturers.

Ivan came from humble beginnings, immigrating to the United States from Croatia at age 21. With a young wife, $2.25 in his pocket, and an empty suitcase, he came to pursue the “American Dream.”

He found a job at a large Cleveland fabricator, worked hard to learn the trade, and quickly earned a reputation as a leader and man of action. Seeking an opportunity to strike out on his own, Ivan, along with his brother Slavko and Astor Branham, began building their new company at night and on weekends.

It was touch and go at first. They were nearly forced to close for lack of work. A chance encounter with a neighbor provided a lead to a local snowplow manufacturer looking for help welding parts. That was the spark they needed. Now they were able to concentrate on their new business full time.

Over the years, Enterprise earned a reputation as a company that treated customers like royalty. After Astor retired, Ivan became the face of the company. Outgoing, energetic, charismatic – anyone whoever met Ivan never forgot him. Under Ivan’s leadership, Enterprise always put the customer first.

The torch has been passed to Ivan’s son Mike.
Working more than 20 years in sales for his father, Mike
couldn’t help but become just as customer driven as Ivan.
Under Mike’s leadership, the customer will always
be Number 1.

Published on December 31, 2014