We reclaim powder to reduce waste and to control costs.

Enterprise Welding & Fabricating, Inc. has a conveyorized powder paint line utilizing a 7-stage pretreatment system with chemical laser oxide descaling to eliminate the need for off line cleaning operations.

Non-chrome sealer provides superior adhesion and corrosion resistance for demanding applications. 14 automatic spray guns and 2 manual touchup stations provide high output and superior quality.  We reclaim powder to reduce waste and to control costs.

  • Conveyorized High Capacity Line (15,000 Pounds per hour Max Capacity)
  • 7 Stage Pre-Treatment System
    Laser Oxide Scale is Chemically Removed
    Iron Phosphate Conversion Coating
    Superior Corrosion Protection
  • Powder Reclaiming Booth
  • Quick Color Change
  • Automatic Application with Manual Touch Up
  • Powder Use 92%-96% Efficient
  • Two-Zone Convection Cure

The Benefits and approvement of Powder Painting

  • Direct to metal, single coat powder with iron phosphate conversion coating provides excellent corrosion resistance and exterior durability
  • Improved corrosion performance can be obtained through our two-coat powder process: Epoxy primer with TGIC top coat
  • Enterprise Welding’s high end spray booth reclaims powder: Powder waste is less than 8%
  • Pretreat system incorporates a laser scale removal stage
  • Powder painting is better for workers and the environment because it does not produce volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Wet paint top coats work well over powder primers
  • John Deere
  • CNH
  • MCFA
  • Philips Medical
  • Nacco
  • JLG