Welding is in our name. Enterprise takes pride in it!

By adhering to American Welding Society (AWS) codes, we ensure strong, safe, consistent welds for safety and warranty-critical products. AWS-Certified Welding Inspectors assure the job is done “by the book.”

Miller Auto-Axcess w/Pulse, Standard
Robotic Welding (10 Total Robot Cells) (14 Total Robot Arms)

  • 6 Single Arm Robot Cells
  • 4 Dual Arm Robot Cells
  • All Equipped with Programmable, Dual Headstock/Tailstock Ferris Wheel Positioners

The Benefits of Robotically Welding Critical Parts:

  • Technique is always perfect
  • Energy input is the same from part to part
  • Weld sequences never vary
  • Weld process settings can be changed on-the-fly to satisfy specific joint requirements
  • Robots do not need to “see” in blind spots
  • Out-of-position welding is much easier to control
  • Several robots can be utilized in one cell
  • Ferris Wheel positioners let workers load and unload parts while the robots weld
  • High speed part and weld gun motion maximizes throughput
  • Cycle times are constant
  • Robots don’t get tired or need breaks
  • Reduces exposure to fumes, arc flash, and sparks
  • Worker fatigue is reduced

Manual Welding

10+ Manual Weld Stations
Certified Welders

Resistance Welding

8 Resistance Weld Stations
Stud & Nut Auto Feed Capability