"Right the First Time and Every Time"




Class A Industrial Powder Painting:


Enterprise Welding & Fabricating, Inc. has a conveyorized powder paint line utilizes an 8-stage pretreatment system with chemical  laser oxide descaling to eliminate the need for off line cleaning operations.  Non-chrome sealer provides superior adhesion and corrosion resistance for demanding applications. 14, automatic spray guns and 2, manual touchup stations provide high output and superior quality.  We reclaim powder to reduce waste and to control costs.


The Benefits of Powder Painting:


*  Direct to metal, single coat powder with iron phosphate conversion coating provides

   excellent corrosion resistance and exterior durability

*  Improved corrosion performance can be obtained through our two-coat powder

    process: Epoxy primer with TGIC top coat

*  Enterprise Welding's high end spray booth reclaims powder:  Powder waste is less than 8%

*  Pretreat system incorporates a laser scale removal stage

*  Powder painting is better for workers and the environment because it does not

    produce volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

*  Wet paint top coats work well over powder primers