"Right the First Time and Every Time"



Enterprise Welding cuts Steel up to 1" thick and Aluminum up to 1/2" thick.


Enterprise has 7 lasers. We have 1 Trumpf TruLaser 3030 Fiber and 6 Cincinnati CO2 Lasers. Every machine has a pallet shuttle to maximize up time.  5,000 watts of cutting power quickly processes sheet and plate up to 5' X 10'.


The Benefits of Laser-Cutting:


*   Excellent  accuracy and edge quality

*   No burrs on carbon steels

*   Any contour with no tooling

*   Excellent choice for high mix, flexible

     manufacturing environment

*  Set-up times approach zero

*   Design changes can be incorporated quickly

*   Minimal cost penalty for low volume production

*   Best material utilization for a given geometry