"Right the First Time and Every Time"

CNC Punching

Enterprise Welding's TruPunch 5000 has automatic sheet and part handing, 25 tons of punching power, and can process 5' X 10' sheets.


The Benefits of CNC Punching


*   Produces feature intensive parts more quickly than laser-cutting

*   Excellent for sheet and light plate in many metals and alloys

*   Off-line tool set-up reduces changeover time

*   Can create a wide variety of contours and internal shapes, including small,

     3-dimensional features

*   Common shapes and sizes are readily available

*   Eliminates secondary operations

*   3-dimensional features are incorporated in the process, such as:

               - Extrusions, embosses, tread grips, dimples, and coins

               - Threads

               - Short flanges

               - Countersinks, slits, and knockouts

               - Louvers

               - Beads and ribs

               - Hinges

               - Part identification